Meet the Coach…

Life Coach Annalisa

…. began her dream of starting her own practice after years of working in various positions that helped people. In her experiences in corporate or church settings, her ability to guide people in improving their lives, their positivity, their faith, and their mindset, was limited. She became more and more passionate about helping people to accomplish their goals, work through troubled relationships, and heal from emotional trauma and pain.  Despite her own personal setbacks, and even because of what she learned through them, she became a stronger, more confident person, equipped with the intuitiveness, the knowledge, education, and personal experience to bring clients through life most difficult challenges. Throughout her personal journey of broken family, divorce, homelessness, financially distressed, single motherhood, and even caring full time for a disabled grandmother, she triumphed over all the obstacles and learned how to live her best life, and teach other’s how to do the same! Complete strangers would constantly share their personal troubles, at every opportunity. because they always felt a warm, friendly, personal connection with Coach Annalisa. After extensive research, and soul searching for discovering her personal calling, she happened upon the idea to counsel and become a Life Coach. Her 11-year journey has helped save hundreds of marriages, helped people on their personal growth path, and even, helped people through difficult times of divorce.

Before opening her practice in late 2007, she was pursuing a degree in Christian counseling, as well as her Professional Life Coaching certification. She became a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, The Georgia Christian Counselors Association, and the National Association of Professional Certified Life Coaching. Her studies led her to achieve an Advanced certification in Emotional Healing therapies, known as the SRTT Therapy, as an Emotional Healing Therapist.

Her website address is This website is owned and operated by Life Coach Annalisa O’Toole. She began Inspired Life Coaching, Inc. in Loganville, Ga, and continues serving customers in person in her current office in Buford, Ga; as well as serving customers online. She airs a podcast on iTunes, THE ASK ANNALISA SHOW, as well as being the author and producer of eBooks and audios for sale in the online store.

Life Coach Annalisa is a motivational and inspirational speaker specializing in Self-empowerment, spiritual guidance, relationship coaching, including marriage coaching, family counseling, date coaching, premarital counseling, and divorce coaching. Life Coach Annalisa is a THerapist with a certification in emotional healing therapy.

The Life Coaching business listing in social media as well as in Google business, yelp, and the yellow pages is Life Coach Annalisa O’Toole.