Relationship Repair Kit…vol.1…Can we talk?

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If you’re looking for better ways to communicate in your relationship, this audio is IT! In my Life Coaching practice, since opening in 2007, I have been sharing these ‘basics’ in relationship communication with couples worldwide. In this life coaching audio, I share the most important ways you can learn to have productive, resolution oriented, mature, discussions, and not arguments. If you are having trouble getting on the same page with your partner, or if you find yourself misunderstood most of the time, this information is VITAL for keeping your romantic flame burning, the friendship on fire, and working through tough emotions in your conversations. This will be the best $13.99 you have ever spent. We spend way more than this audio costs on bad hair cuts that don’t last, an outfit we may only wear one time, or worse, big bucks on a night out some may not even remember! Invest in the most important thing in your life, invest in yourself, and in your love relationship– and learn the simplicity of quality communication, the rules and roles of talking, feeling understood, conveying your needs with compassion, and becoming a great listener. This is the best 32 minutes about communication – and it is NOT boring. It will help you improve your communication, I promise! ~Coach Annalisa


Life Coaching audio on quality communication in relationships by Life Coach Annalisa O'Toole

Relationship Repair Kit – VOL 1 – “Can we talk?’