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Life Coaching can feel a little scary if you’ve never considered it. But, let me assure you, it’s like talking to a really close friend. Life coaching provides a way to sort out all of life’s challenges, and put them in the right perspective, put them in order, and help you to sort through your feelings and emotions as your guided toward solutions and idea’s that can equip you with how to move forward in a positive way! There are essentially 2 ways to GET COACHED!

1….Have a personal, live, individual or couples in-person session in one of my two office locations, or set up a phone coaching session

~ or ~

2…. Order (see below) an audio for download or an eBook that coaches you in your area of need!



Life Coaching can be for couples, marriages, career changes, discovery or challenges, emotional healing, and also for premarital engagements.

Life Coaching can take a big traumatic experience, and chop it into baby size portions, and redistribute the issues, in ways that will make a positive difference for you.

What Life Coaching is to relationship hardships; is what warm milk is to a newborn baby; refreshing, fulfilling, enlightening, and comforting. Learning ways to change, to cope, to look at things a little differently, and to try out ideas that suit your personality, lifestyle and temperament are what is provided, and that is better than a prescription!

What life coaching can do for you is offer ways to manage your thought processes, provide insights for ways to face the issues with realistic plans, and help you manage your emotions for the best coping skills as you work through your situation. As a Life Coach, I don’t provide the answers, but rather, I lead clients into the thoughts and ideas for them to decide which ideas, solutions, and perspectives are the best fit for accomplishing their goals!

I am available by phone appointment, by personal in-office appointment; just call 678-431-6528- Coach Annalisa O’Toole

Two offices! Coaching conveniently located in the North Atlanta area of Buford, Ga, 6 minutes from Mall of Georgia;

and Coaching in North Georgia within 15 minutes of Blairsville, Hiawassee, Blue Ridge, Young Harris, Murphy & Hayesville NC, too!



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